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How much does the services cost?
Please contact us at sales@cenports.com to get detailed pricing list.
Can we integrate with retail channels outside of your network?

Yes! Cenports has already integrated with over 60 retail channels and we’re always expanding. If you work with a channel that we are currently not integrated with, reach out to us at sales@cenports.com and we’ll get you a quote.

Can your dashboard upload products onto multiple channels?

Our dashboard has a Catalog feature that allows you to seamlessly manage all your products all in one place. Due to every channel’s product upload systems being different, we do not have direct uploads but we do have an export option where you can adjust to the required format of each channel.

Can your dashboard integrate directly with our WMS?

Whether your company operates on a standard or custom-built application, you can connect to the Cenports Dashboard through API.

How long does it take to get started with Cenports?

It really depends on a few things. You’ll receive access to your own Cenports Dashboard account within 24 hours but depending on the integrations, some channels may take longer than others. If you would like more information on integration timelines, we are more than happy to schedule a call to discuss.

Can Cenports Dashboard show reports with product performance?

Yes! Not only do we show product performance. We show top performers by state, per channel, and more. Schedule a demo today!

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